We are embracing the journey forward for 2022!

We are humbled to join the nonprofit community as NEWBIES!! Here we are, our small team of 3, at the beginning of a HUGE project and we are still learning so much about how to get our little hemp seed to sprout! In our December board meeting, we decided on the following goals for 2022.

Share Hemp Goals for 2022

  1. Share hemp everyday with our local community. This we are starting right away! A Community Basket will be set up at Canvas for community members in need or for those who want to pick up something for someone in need. No questions asked.
  2. Recruit a passionate Hempster intern from a local university to help us grow and nurture our little sprout into a seedling!
  3. Draft and file our 501(c)3 with the IRS to complete the process of becoming a nonprofit with tax exempt status.
  4. Network at Industry Events to seek supporting members.

We will see you in the new year! Thank you for caring about our grassroots process!